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R8 Hermes Integrated Avionics System

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  • R8 Hermes Integrated Avionics System (IAS) is at the heart of all our VTOL UAS and combines onboard GNSS anti-jamming, fault tolerant encrypted FHSS telemetry links, encrypted OFDM broadband downlink, EO/IR gimbal, ADS-B collision avoidance, landing lights, emergency satellite locator, flight control system, LIDAR, airspeed and barometric sensors, IMU, and payload delivery system with ground control station, antenna tracker, RTK, and all necessary software for successful mission completion.

  • R8 Hermes is installed into any VTOL airframe fitted with a propulsion system and control surface actuators and instantly turns it into a complete and ready to fly UAS.

  • R8 Hermes is competitively priced to allow OEMs to quickly assemble fully operational UAS for their customer needs.

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Swarmly Ground Control Station (SWGCS) was specifically designed for tactical operations in the field. With over 12 hrs of autonomous operations on one charge, direct sunlight viewable 17" touchscreens, Intel NUC computer, Hall effect joysticks, RGB buttons, and IP67 enclosure, SWGCS is running a state of the art software suite to control every aspect of the aircraft operations. SWGCS allows both the Remote Pilot and the Payload Operator to work simultaneously.


NextVision Gimbals

R8 Hermes tightly integrates the NightHawk-2UZ and Raptor gimbals manufactured by NextVision (Israel). NextVision gimbals deliver unparalleled video and image quality over the encrypted broadband downlink at Full HD resolution and up to 30 fps frame rate. R8 Hermes manages all aspects of NextVision gimbal operations, including joystick positioning, target location and tracking, recording and snapshots. The encrypted video feed contains all geo-reference data displayed by SWGCS.


Swarmly FCS

Flight Control System

R8 Hermes incorporates a Flight Control System (FCS), which is based on the Hex Cube Orange hardware running customized and thoroughly tested VTOL UAS code base.

Adding best in class sensors, such as digital airspeed module, LIDAR, uBlox F9P GNSS receiver with GPSDome anti-jamming system, uAvionix ADS-B modules, robust and redundant power system supporting 4-14S battery voltages, and a large number of available integration points, the FCS uses both the open source community with thousands of developers and tens of thousands of flight hours, and the best in the world engineering provided by Swarmly.


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Developed by Swarmly, EW-resistant BVLOS Communications provides up to 21 Mbps speed for lossless transmission of C2, video, data, and telemetry simultaneously at distances of up to 50 km using an omnidirectional antenna and up to 150 km using narrow beam parabolic antenna mounted on automated 2D tracking platform.

Comms system supports AES256 encryption and operates in 500 to 2,100 MHz frequency range.

A GPS RTK receiver and manual control from SWGCS are also integrated into the system. 

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Payload Release Mechanism

Payload Release Mechanism (PRM) allows OEMs to expand the functionality of their UAS with precision payload delivery.

R8 Hermes manages the PRM via a sophisticated AI-driven onboard system that takes various environmental conditions into account and delivers better than 5 m CEP from up to 600 m AGL altitude.

R8 Hermes can simultaneously manage up to six PRMs. 


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Pilot Station Software

Swarmly developed a comprehensive Pilot Station software suite, including GCS software and embedded controllers that provide users with unmatched capabilities to build missions, identify and track targets, manage onboard and ground equipment, and modify the flight in real time.

R8 Hermes uses industry-standard MAVLink protocol to integrate all system components and any third-party GCS software that supports MAVLink can be seamlessly incorporated into the system, flattening the learning curve.


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Support Services

We pride ourselves with world's best customer service, period. We never give up and never back down. We are working tirelessly with our users, no matter where in the world our systems operate. Our team members are experienced remote pilots, payload operators, aerospace engineers, and instructors with over 150 years of real world experience. From day zero, we work with our users to design the exact systems they need, train their personnel, deploy our instructors in the field to provide hands-on advice, and perform comprehensive MRO services.


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